Climate Action

Post by: Aline Perroud & Tiago Pinheiro

On the morning of the 24th of September,  a global climate change event was organized by Fridays For Future Worldwide, an action to raise awareness with the local community and digital nomads.

The project was created by Tiago, born and raised in Portugal mainland, resident in The Netherlands who came to discover Madeira for a few weeks and work remotely. Tiago has lived and traveled through very different parts of the world, and his experience made him aware of the alarming state of our planet.

The project was set in Ponta do Sol. With Tiago’s organizational skills and knowledge of the Portuguese language, he connected with Teatro Metaphora, a local non-profit association, who proposed an eco-marathon with volunteers coming from different countries.  Some of the digital nomads in the community were interested in this action, and helped to organize and preserve Madeira without trash and plastic.

Teatro Metaphora often organizes clean-up days and eco-marathons to collect waste in nature, and transform them into art, whilst keeping all of the savety measures. .

Around 2:30 pm,  the Metaphora Teatro association brought 10 people, who, together with the digital nomads, moved to the beach and started their mission. 

After, they selected the garbage that could be used, and transformed into a word that raises awareness in the local school of Ponta do Sol.

In the school of Ponta do Sol, small groups were organized: one group of students painted banners, the second one wrote some practices to reduce plastic usage, and the last one created a word with the waste that was collected.

The students chose the word “Mudar”, which means “Change” in English.

Everyone was very involved in this action in the hope that it will create stronger links and make the population more aware. Since a one-off event is not enough to create the change needed to our planet, it was encouraged for the children to go out every friday, and make a change for the planet, even if it’s by a small daily chance of routine. 

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