The Nomad Island Fest

Guest Post by:
Michelle Maree | Founder of  The Nomad Escape

From 13-20 November a selected group of local and international entrepreneurs and remote working professionals will gather together for a unique interactive networking event in Caniço, Madeira Island.

The Nomad Island fest is an eight-day event, gathering professionals from all over the world with the intention to set a mark within the global digital nomad and remote work industry.

This event will stand out by its interactive format, held in Europe’s fastest growing Remote Work and Digital Nomad destination: Madeira Island.

Building the foundation for this annually global network event

Michelle Maree, the founder of The Nomad Escape said: “We are building the foundation of a unique interactive global network event for online entrepreneurs and remote working professionals, which will annually return and where we aim to gather 500+ professionals in a popular remote work hub, in collaboration with partners with shared values. This will be the first, pocket edition, to refine the program for future events.”

During the pandemic the interest for Business and Self-Development programs tripled. This shows how much people feel isolated while working remotely and community is more important than ever.

The community of Alumni Escapers want to gather and meet people offline again, and it is time to offer this possibility to them.

Although many companies allowed their employees to work remotely before the Covid-19 pandemic, it became the new normal after this.

As the pandemic spread, forcing the market to go into lockdown in many countries, businesses were left with no other option than to work remotely. As a result, there has been a massive increase in the number of remote workers since 2020.

A truly interactive event, which will combine business, networking and wellness, relaxation and fun.

A diversity of activities will bring connections, skill-sharing, and peer-to-peer mentoring to the table: from Match Making programs, Business brainstorm sessions, to life talks, expert workshops, and more. Daily networking sessions will be facilitated by the team and create new professional connections. The participants can book a package with accommodation and meals included, staying in the beautiful wellness resort Quinta Splendida and having access to fitness and vitality programs.

It’s a business-focussed event, where professionals share skills and grow their network in an informal, playful way, which embraces the location-independent lifestyle. It will tackle the challenges of remote workers working individually on their projects and businesses and helps them to discuss ideas and bottlenecks with like-minded professionals.

Besides this, the event will be focussed on having fun and The Nomad Escape will bring in DJ’s, music and dance workshops to help everyone unplug from the daily routine. You can apply here to join the event.


About the Host

The event will be hosted by Michelle Maree, the founder of The Nomad Escape.

She has been a remote working entrepreneur for the last three years, with expertise in education, business development, marketing and sales and community building. Michelle has hosted over 200 mastermind sessions and loves to connect people with a valuable network in a fun and informal way. She also helps her community elevate their business or career through connecting them with an inspiring network of like-minded individuals during her exclusive business and self development programs at The Nomad Escape.

About The Nomad Escape

The Nomad Escape helps international Remote Working professionals to grow their skills, network and business during exclusive business- and self development programs. They have hosted more than +200 professionals from 17 nationalities in several retreats in different locations in Europe.

Connect directly with them through Linkedin, Instagram or their Website.

This event will be executed in partnership with local and international partners with shared values. The current partners are NOMADX, Nomads Giving Back, Safety Wing, Croissant Cowork App, MOFT, Startup Madeira, Quinta Splendida, Icon Vitality and more. 

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