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Goal Setting Workshop

A powerful workshop on Goal Setting & Execution was facilitated by Joel Burgess, a high performance and mindset coach from the UK who recently moved to Madeira with his family. The workshop was attended by 10 nomads in Ponta do Sol, all looking to get clear on their goals and optimize their performance.

In the session, Joel explained that most people go wrong when they set goals that are too short-term-focused. These create “no emotional connection”, and “not enough reason to push through the hard times”. Anyone can set a goal to lose 10lbs in a month and that’s what counts. That is where Joel made his point starting the workshop. He took the nomads through a guided heart meditation, where they managed to get clear on who their future self is, what a perfect day from

 the future looks like, and what it would feel like to be at their best. From here, Joel guided everyone through a system he calls “The 12 Week Year”, which starts with getting clear on your vision and the identity of the person you want to be 5-10 years from now. 

Essentially, aligning your day to day actions and habits with the bigger picture. “Giving meaning to the daily grind” Joel said. Joel’s guiding principle is to Live By Design – which is all about aligning your outer world with your inner world. Designing your environment so it acts as a defense mechanism and the support system that will help you upgrade your best-self and realise your “12 Week Year” goals and onwards. 

I was buzzing for days after the workshop with Joel. Not only did he help me work through a goal that I’m excited to start working towards, but I also left with a model which I can use again and again to make progress in all areas of my life. Thanks Joel”. 
Natalie Tucker


In life, we also need moments of balance. One of the new activities organized during october was Acroyoga, in the working place. AcroYoga is about “getting back into the body through community, partnership and playful discovery”. Feel the support of the community as you discover new ways to balance and move your body. If you want to be part of these events, don’t forget to register and have access to the slack channel. 

Madeira Fitness Friends

No need to introduce Madeira Fitness Friends, as they have been so popular among the communities. A lively outdoor workout group that pushes you beyond your limits.  Whether you are a beginner or athletic, there is certainly a place for everyone in Madeira Fitness Friends. Not only is the class full of energy, but you will be connecting with locals, digital nomads, and expats from all over the island. They have had sessions with over 30 people, so it is definitely a must-try!

But there is more!

Madeira Fitness Friends support local tourism by creating events such as sup paddle board, paragliding, canyoning, jeep and boat trips, in order to build stronger bonds within the community. They have also helped to raise over €2000 for a non-profit animal association.

Want to be part of the sweat and smiles? Check the schedule below!


Funchal – Tuesday 5:30pm & Saturday 10am

Ponta do Sol – Monday 5:30pm & Wednesday 5:30pm

Machico– Thursday 5:30pm

Deeper Connections Workshop - Listening and Being Heard

A workshop designed to increase our sense of connection to self and others was facilitated by Andrea from the United Kingdom. The topic was listening and being heard deeply. How well are you able to really listen to the other person?

In playing authentic relating games and discussing our experiences, we learned about the power of reflecting back what we heard the other person said. This is to check understanding and help the person speaking, to feel seen and heard. 

Connections are all around us, and it’s “just a matter of knowing how slow down to listen and being more present to connect with others”.

"After a day of writing code all day, I can now feel humanity entering my body again.”
Software Developer
If you want to be a part of this community in Madeira, complete now your registration! You can have access to these activities and much more! Join us as new communities are emerging at Machico, Santa Cruz, Funchal and Porto Santo.

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