An Estonian Digital Nomad in Madeira

Guest Post by: Tõnis Jõgeva

Recently I heard that Madeira was heaven for Digital Nomads. So, it sounded like a great plan to pack my luggage and take a week to live that life – on an island I did not know much about; however, Portugal has always had a place in my heart.

The arrival was cozy and familiar as Madeira CR7 airport is small and reminds me of our local Lennart Meri airport back in Tallinn, where my journey started. I met my hosts for local food and drinks, and the journey began!

Compared to the icy winter wonderland back in Estonia, the weather in Madeira was sunny and warm. I felt how the vitamin D spread over my body and got myself ready for the two digital nomad workshops I came for, both free for attendees. The drive to Ponta do Sol – the capital of digital nomads- was so picturesque that my nervousness about the presentation I was about to make disappeared.

My suggestion, once in Madeira, is to take the rental to enjoy the island! If you are sporty, you would be in good shape once moving around by bicycle.

Ponta do Sol has an excellent free co-working area, so since we arrived earlier, there was a great opportunity to meet people and do work. Since the weather was beautiful, we even did our workshop outside and enjoyed the company and fulfilling talks later in a bar. The 2nd event in Funchal- the capital of Madeira- had the same agenda. Business first, then pleasure!

In the following days, I understood that Madeira has breathtaking views everywhere. How perfect to live there! Blue sky, tunnels, hiking, and digital nomad community – those were for sure the keywords I took from the island. There is even an active Slack community for all the nomads to meet, let know about the events and happenings.

I got inspired to share a daily blog about my week as a Digital Nomad in Madeira; catch up if you plan to go there or read what I think about your current island.

I´m Tõnis, from Estonia! In my daily work, I help freelancers, digital nomads, and e-commerce businesses to start a company abroad in the simplest way possible. 1Office is made for making business simple – as we say. And we really do it – helping to save on costs, bureaucracy, paperwork, and accounting and cooperate with e-Estonia and e-residency of Estonia.

 These things could only happen in an incredible community, and an island like Madeira is. Read the full story here.

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