Women in Tech

On March 8th, took place the conference “Women in Tech”. A session aimed to share experiences, knowledge and and challenges in the Tech World, from Crypto to Good Unicorns, mingling locals with international community. 

This initiative aimed to bring together national and international experts, from different aread,  in the technological areas. This thematic session was organized by Startup Madeira, and co-financed by the European Union and had the support of the association Adoro.Ser.Mulher – D’Madeira

Crypto, Technology & Future was the theme of the first lecture. With a quick introduction to the first cryptocurrencies and their reason and need for creation, Catarina Castro clarifies the impact on the present and future of the global market. Informing of a sharp growth of women in the world of investment and cryptocurrencies. Ending with a step-by-step explanation of how to get started in the cryptocurrency market and how Blockchain Technology will help in a more democratic and equitable world.

The second panel welcomed Ana Neto, Technical Writer at Connecting Software, and Andreia Collard, Regional Informatic Director, at the Regional Government of Madeira. A conversation about their tech path, challenges and upcoming trends and needs. 

From a dream of building roller coasters to the technological world of diapers and their negative environmental impact, Nadia Laabs presented to the audience of 100 people her professional and personal path. Nadia created SafetyNet Technologies, a company that helps in the reduction by 90% of the fishing bycatch. With a team that brings together managers, scientists, economists, and computer engineers, Nadia emphasizes the importance of technology in all areas of expertise. 

Diana Tsai, was the 5th guest to go on stage that afternoon. To talk about How To Build Billion-Dollar Ventures For Good | Lessons From Founders Of Good Unicorns , as Featured In Forbes 30 Under 30 Impact Entrepreneur.  

With an amazing wrap up with all speakers, this session was followed by a networking session. 

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