Porto Santo Nomad Experience ​

Digital Nomads of Madeira Islands alongside NomadX and Madeira Fitness Friends hosted the 4th edition of the “Porto Santo Nomad Experience”.  From the 5th until the 8th May, over 50 professionally working nomads, already established on the island of Madeira, to visit the golden neighbouring island, Porto Santo.  

The experience, which was a huge success the previous year, accounted for the same path in which the Digital Nomads would embrace the 4-day journey of discovery, adventure and curiosity. 

Many used the opportunity to explore the potential of the golden island whether to work at the free co-working space, visit attractions or perhaps to one day live there.  

Activities from outdoor workouts, boat trips, snorkelling, hiking, dinners and hangouts were made available. However, the yellow paradise which was marked by their curious footprints went a little further than meets the eye. The true essence for most, was the journey of self-discovery.

The therapeutic sand and calmness of the island, made it possible to slow down and to embrace the moment. At a dinner, a piece of paper had been passed around with the phrase “What do you love most about your life?” (Credits to Ana Maria Ghita) and similar mindfulness had been shared throughout. The discovery of oneself indeed had an influence from these Digital Nomads who from different backgrounds, stories and ages made it possible to receive a solid nod of acceptance.

Dinners were almost like sitting in a dining room with your relatives, where everyone toasted, laughed and took some photographs for the “gram”. Hugs were given. Numbers exchanged.

An experience of 4 days in which new friendships were made, (some even grew closer) and an uplift to the island from all the laughter and adventure was certainly felt.

The Porto Santo Nomad Experience is more than just a trip away.

We hope to have you with us at the 5th Porto Santo Nomad Experience

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