Food & Markets

Bio-Market: Expo-Agrícola @ Pta Sol

Expo-AgrícolaRegister Here

After receiving your confirmation (usually on Thursdays), you can order your local & bio food here. [From Thursdays 15:00 until Saturday 12:00]

To pick-up your order, go to Jardim Municipal da Vila da Ponta do Sol on Sundays (from 10:30 until 13:00)

Group that gathers producers, farmers, craftments and consumers ; SIGNAL

*Social Project: Câmara Municipal da Ponta do Sol, Junta de Freguesia da Ponta do Sol and OmniArtisan

Health & Mind

Safe Away

Dear Digital nomad… a sudden illness? An unexpected accident? None of this should prevent you to make the most from your nomadic experience. We are Safe Away, an healthcare provider in Madeira. Our team of specialists will promptly be at your door, whenever you need us.
We will help you cope with any health unfamiliar circumstances in a foreign environment.


Personal Trainer

Contacts @ Ponta do Sol:


Espaço Gato

Espaço Gato is a vet clinic specific for cats and their “purr-ents”. Our Mission at Espaço Gato is to make your cat happy – providing not only the best healthcare but a safe and relaxing environment.

Likewise our Vision is focused on a multidimensional concept, aimed at prevention and treatment of illnesses, but fundamentally on the promotion of health and well being
of the cat on all it’s strands.