Monthly Stays in Madeira Islands


Are you looking for a room or apartment in Madeira? Check our partners Flatio & NomadX, our international accommodation partners for Digital Nomads Madeira Islands, and rent fully furnished flats for short and mid-term stays.

With Flatio / NomadX, you’ll get:
– No Deposits (for reservations under 6 months)
– Online Lease signing, in your language
– Flexible cancellation policy
– All utilities inclusive

Book your accommodation in Madeira and use promo code DigitalNomadsMadeira to get 25% discount on service fee.

Book your stay and sign your lease online in 30 minutes.

More accommodation options are being updated daily with our local hosts if they are open to it. And to make the search easier, you can look for your next home per city, following the links below.



You can search for your house, using this local plataform. Enjoy a long-stay discount: 30% above 1-month stay,

This local plataform has a 28% discount for stays over 28 days. Ask us for the additional discount promo code.


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