Machico by Madeira Remote East Coasters

Historically, Machico represents the first arrival location when Madeira was discovered in 1419. Now, it’s a place where you can enjoy the city landscape, the easy access to sports venues, a long stretch of promenade,  and a sand beach where you can practice surf and bodyboard. 

Madeira Remote East Coasters is a team of local entrepreneurs that are now officially developing Machico as one of the possible locations for digital nomads, in Madeira Islands. Besides the information about the city, accommodation options, leisure activities, and free working space, both entrepreneurs are also building the local community. 


Free Working Space:

by Madeira Remote East Coasters

This Community Madeira Remote East Coasters hosts events, networking moments, leisure/hiking/fitness/wellness activities, … and even working spots. Are you looking for a quiet and inspiring place to work and connect with like-minded individuals in Machico? Look no further than their Workspace powered by Amparo! Located in the beautiful area of Água de Pena, their working space offers stunning ocean views and is surrounded by a sports complex that will keep you motivated and energized.

What's Included?

The working space will be free, but the local hosts require that you register below. 

Address: Sítio da Queimada, Agua De Pena, Machico

Eco-CoLiving for Nomads

Quiet & Quaint downtown Machico – Maroços!
Full House + Gardening + Barbecue
This home is set in a little village off Machico. It has a beautiful garden to use for you to grow or find yourself resting under the vineyard on the hammock to read a book or listen to a podcast. Fresh air, outdoors, and in nature!

It is a 4 bedroom house with a large kitchen to cook all your favorite meals.
The Barbeque area offers a large area to host potlucks and boardgames as well as work with views that cover a beautiful and luscious mountainous landscape. Find yourself resting under the vineyard on the hammock to read a book or listen to a podcast. Fresh air, outdoors and in nature.

The path to your new CoLiving also leads to our own Levada dos Maroços. Of course, this Levada will lead you to beautiful sights and mountainous landscapes, reach Caniçal or cross over to Porto da Cruz, or take you into Machico town central.
There is a bus stop for convenience and a local snack bar/grocery store for the daily bread and milk etc.

Bedroom 1 [1 – 2 pp]

  • 350€ / month (1 p)
  • 400€ / month (2 pp)
  • 250€ / 15 nights (1p)
  • 300€ / 15 nights (2 pp)
  • 20€ / night (1p)
  • 25€ / night (2pp)

Bedroom 2 [single bed]

  • 350€ / month (1p)
  • 200€ / 15 nights (1p)
  • 20€ / night

Bedroom 3 [1 – 2 people]

  • 400€ / month (1p)
  • 450€ / month (2pp)
  • 250€ / 15 nights (1p)
  • 300€ / 15 nights (2pp)
  • 20€ / night (1p)
  • 25€ / night (2pp)

Bedroom 4 [with Balcony]

  • 450€ /month (1p)
  • 500€ /month (2pp)
  • 280€ / 15 nights (1p)
  • 330€ / 15 nights (2pp)
  • 25€ / night (1p)
  • 30€ / night (2pp)


Madeira Remote East Coasters are building a community of digital nomads, remote workers, travellers and locals. This community promotes diversity, inclusion and support. You will have the chance to mingle and connect with like-minded people in the variety of events they promote

Beach & Mountains 

The working space overlooks the bay. While working here you will have the possibility of taking a break and quickly jump into water for a swim, surf, windsurf, SUP or simply just to meditate by the ocean. From here you also get direct access to levadas, walks and hikes up the mountains.


In Machico, you are a short walking distance from your daily needs: food courts with authentic local ingredients, supermarkets, bakeries, bars, banks, health care,… And if you want to explore other cities, you can easily access them by bus or by car.


If you wish to stay in Machico and have access to the community and learn more about this location, you just need to complete your registration at Digital Nomads Madeira Islands. It will give you direct access to our #slack channel so you can see more about the local activities and announcements. 


These local entrepreneurs will be able to help you find your accommodation options in Machico. In the meantime, you can also search for your local home at FLATIO, as more houses are being included in the platform.

Local Entrepreneurs

Meet Madeira East Coasters! A project that started with a community of like minded-people with a common vision to create a network of locals, digital nomads, travellers and remote workers who choose Madeira’s East Coast as a home.

Community Managers
Dina de Freitas