Porto Santo

There is an island in the Atlantic that can show how great life can be! 
A golden island washed by a turquoise-colored ocean that can offer you the best quality of living in its relaxing and carefree environment, colored by a community that will have you as their family.

That island is Porto Santo! 



The friendliness and hospitality of its locals, the opportunity to change the community life for real, the mild climate all year round, the spectacular unspoiled landscapes, and the richness and variety of the natural, historical and cultural resources are just some of the reasons why you should take Porto Santo as your next nomad destination.

October > December 2022 | February> June 2024

Nomad Living @ Porto Santo

Are you ready to create a true impact in Porto Santo, while experiencing a great time of your life? With great activities, events, and an impact movement, you have a local Community Manager and private entities, that are ready to do welcome you. What are you waiting to join our community?

What's Included:

> Local Host
> Community Manager
> List of Accommodation Options
> Leisure Activities
> Local Impact
> Working Space
> High-Speed Internet
> Workshops
> Networking Sessions
> An unforgettable experience!

Porto Santo is officially welcoming Digital Nomads, with a local Community Manager that is there to welcome you.

Promoted by local private entities, from Hotels, to Restaurants and Local Leisure activities providers, you can enjoy this paradise as your remote destination.

Our main goal is to facilitate you with as much information as we can, so you can easily book your Nomad Experience @ Porto Santo.

Porto Santo Nomad Experience | 2023 > 2024

During this season, we will promote some Porto Santo Nomad Experience events. What is this? Is a program where you can come to Porto Santo for a few days to work and have fun with our community! We have prepared special activities and events just for you!

NEXT ONE: November 2023!

Working Space

Porto Santo has a free working space for Digital Nomads! 

Besides strong Wi-Fi, monitors, and meeting rooms, you can enjoy the surroundings while working from the village center. And the best part: just a 2-minutes walk to the beautiful beach.

Contact directly the Community Manager, through our slack channel, if you wish to use it! 

Location: Rua Goulart Medeiros, Porto Santo (Google Maps)

Hours: 08h00 > 18h00 [Monday – Friday]



Vila Baleira

So you can have a relaxed and stress-free experience in Porto Santo, you can choose Vila Baleira‘s Hotel. 

Apartments with Kitchens and a balcony with the best relaxing view. With access to Restaurants, Coffee shop, Gym, Swimming Pool and a Working Space with high-speed Internet, Vila Baleira is located right in front of the beach and can be your remote home in Porto Santo so you can work and still explore the island.

Monthly Rates

Single :
900€/ month (with Breakfast)

900€/ month (with Breakfast)

Night Rates

55€/ night (with Breakfast)

55€/ night (with Breakfast)

 We don’t take any commission. The payments are done directly with the Hotel.


Destination Hostel: Porto Santo Destination

Get to know our most recent Porto Santo Destination, a hybrid location that intends to give you the freedom you always looked for!

Embrace and experience the tranquillity brought to you by the surrounding nature and the sea, with a 9km therapeutical sand beach around the island and a warm sea and atmospherical temperature all year long, the island of Porto Santo is always a tempting option to travel.

This new hostel @ Porto Santo is now available to welcome digital nomads! Besides private room, they also have mixes dorms.

Private Rooms:
600€/ month | 400€ / 15 days

Mixed Dorms:
360€/ month 


Do you wish to stay in a house during your Nomad Experience @ Porto Santo?

If so, you can find your home on this island, as plenty of private property managers have fantastic houses in Porto Santo. You can ask our Community Manager in Porto Santo for the current house options, by sending an E-MAIL.


It’s all about the community, skill-sharing, connection, and impact.

Completing your registration at Digital Nomads Madeira Islands gives you direct access to our #slack channel, where you will be able to see the official announcements, activities and keep in touch with all the local & digital nomads community. 


If you’re already in Madeira, there are two options to visit Porto Santo. You can either travel to Porto Santo by AIRPLANE or by FERRY

From Madeira, usually, it takes about 15 minutes by plane and 2h30 by ferry. 

We recommend you to check the best solution for you, considering your availability. 

Community Manager

The Community Manager in Porto Santo will be Bia Dias, a Portossantense (Porto Santo’s local), that found her passion in traveling the world and becoming a Digital Nomad. 

Although Bia is changing places every now and then, she always finds time to return to Porto Santo, where she grew up. Now, during this season, she’s also welcoming digital nomads and preparing this experience on the island!

You can find Bia on the slack channel. Be free to contact her with questions or doubts, as she has the best knowledge of the island, and the project to help you and the local community!