Relocation Assistance

Did you know that Digital Nomads can take advantage of their stay in Madeira to become tax residents in Portugal and benefit from a very advantageous tax regime for 10 years?

In general terms and depending on the type and origin of the income received in Madeira, this special tax regime allows for:

  • Exemption on salaries received from foreign companies;
  • Exemption or flat-tax rate of 20% on professional income derived from high-value added activities (eg. software developers, authors, journalists and linguists, creative artists, executive managers, commercial directors, IT specialists);
  • Exemption on dividends received from foreign companies.
If you you’re looking for accounting, legal and tax advice and services, you can reach out to these partners!

MAD.INTAX is a Management Company, acting as an independent service provider and rendering services in the areas of accounting, legal and tax advice.

As integrated services, the company has the ability to provide assistance to its clients in the areas of IT support, Human Resources and Serviced Office Facilities.

MSC is a company with more than 20 years of experience in providing an integrated approach for expats concerning their relocation to Madeira Island by operating as one-stop-shop in terms of taxation and immigration matters.

NEWCO is an inward investment services provider specialized in the implementation of foreign investment in Portugal and Malta. With 30 years of experience and know how, they help their clients maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of operating in a new country, allowing them to stay focused on their business. They help you with information of how to invest or relocate into Portugal, including Madeira, or Malta.