Digital Nomads in Madeira Islands

Digital nomads are remote workers who take advantage of the flexibility to travel the world while they work. The dream of many people was to get a remote job so they could travel and work from beautiful destinations, escape winter and meet interesting people.

With the freedom that they have, digital nomads tend to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, with good weather, great food, safety, activities in nature and above of all, good internet.

Madeira has the perfect conditions to attract digital nomads with its natural beauty, activities in nature, culture, and fantastic climatic conditions throughout the year. This project aims to prepare, promote, and create a unique community with digital nomads from all over the world.

Besides Ponta do Sol, other locations in Madeira and Porto Santo offer great conditions to Digital Nomads. Now, private entrepreneurs are developing great solutions for the community, around Madeira! 






Since Feb'21



Incorporated in the “Nomad Village” project, the John dos Passos Cultural Center in Ponta do Sol, is the working space for many of these professionals. Since February, this space has been visited by over 10.000 international digital nomads. An opportunity to work, network, partake in small workshops and talks, and get to know better the local culture. 

It is estimated, officially, that – at least – over 10.000 Digital Nomads have already been in Madeira and Porto Santo since the beginning of the project (February 2021). 

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Meet our team and partners, that are ready to facilitate your moving to Madeira Islands as a Digital Nomad!

Carlos Soares Lopes

CEO at Startup Madeira

Gonçalo Hall

Digital Nomad & Ambassador

Micaela Vieira

PM at Startup Madeira

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